Beeb Image

This is a program for handling images of disks in formats used by the BBC Computer. The program itself runs in Windows.


I wrote this program to help me organise my own disk images. I no longer have anywhere to set up my BBC Micro, but before putting it away I was able to save all programs and data from it onto the PC. However some of this was on DFS disk images, some on ADFS images, some on DOS disk images, and some simply as files on the PC. This program has been designed to help me move files around between these different formats, and generally sort out the mess!

Any other BBC Micro enthusiast is welcome to use this program. (You can use it for free.) You might like to note the following:

The program will handle disk images for the formats used by the BBC Micro, and particularly the Master 512. (You will guess from the rest of this site that I used to use that machine a lot.) It has thus been designed to handle:

DFS disk images (both single- and double-sided)

ADFS disk images

DOS disk images – The program will handle the Master 512's special 640k and 800k formats, as well as standard 360k, 720k, 1.2M and 1.44M disks

BBC hard disks (ADFS format), including those with a DOS “partition” as used by the Master 512

The program will allow you to move or copy files between disk images (whether or not they are of the same type) and between images and the Windows host computer.

When files are moved from BBC format images to the host, you can preserve the file information (such as load and execution addresses) and reinstate this if the files are copied back to a BBC format disk.

You can likewise preserve the directory structure of an ADFS or DOS disk when copying to the host.

You can easily edit file details, such as filenames, attributes, load and execution addresses (on BBC format disks) and file dates and times (on DOS disks).

You can edit details for the disk itself, such as the start-up (!BOOT) option or disk title. You can also change the disk size, provided all the files will fit.

You can easily navigate around the directory tree on DOS or ADFS disks, and move files and sub-directories about.

You can have as many images open at once as you like.

The program has some limitations, such as:

It only runs under Windows – other people are welcome to port it to something else, but since I do not myself use Linux, for example, I would not have the experience to test it out on such.

You cannot use “drag and drop” between images and the host.

It does not deal with any other disk formats than the ones listed above. It will not use “long file names” on DOS disks.

It does not read or write images to or from physical disks.

Installation and Requirements

To install click the "Download" button. Unpack the Zip file, and place the executable (called “Beeb Image.exe”), and any shortcuts to it, wherever you wish. I assume that anyone who might want to use this program will know how to do this.

Start the program and click on “Help” (or press F1) for instructions on how to use it.

The program will run on any version of Windows provided that version 4 of .NET is installed. This means that it will certainly run on Windows 8 and 10, and will also run on Windows 7 provided that has been kept moderately up-to-date. This version of .NET can also be downloaded and installed on Windows XP and Vista.

Current version is – Click here for Revision Log

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